How to Order


RONOVA is a small boutique of specialized fashion that is designed and handmade in house. As such, quantities of our pieces are limited and inventory can and does change week to week.

We welcome emails with questions and order requests.  Clients may also order from our online shop.  Ordering from our online shop is similar to other online stores with just 1 extra step.

  1. Add the design you wish to purchase.
  2. You may view your cart or checkout.
  3. Upon checkout, an invoice will be sent to you at the email you provide.  Please make your payment within 24 hours of receipt of payment invoice.
  4. Once payment has been confirmed, emails will be sent confirming payment and a tracking number once it has been assigned.

International Clients: You will be able to check out and complete your order.  There will be an extra step where Ronova will contact you to confirm the shipping charges.  Once you confirm, the payment invoice will be sent. If you do not accept the shipping charges, simply ignore the email and your order will be canceled after 24 hours.

As always, please contact us any time with any questions or concerns you may have.